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K Tribes

Join the K Tribes community to have your data make an impact - on you and the causes you care most about.

How It Works

Joining a K Tribe enables you to share your data and earn rewards -

all while giving back to the causes that matter most.

When collecting data, K Tribes anonymizes all data collected - and rewards you.

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Login to your browser Add-ons store and add the K Tribes extension to your browser



Surf the web as you normally would and participate in extra opportunities to earn big


Earn & Donate

Watch as your data earns you and the causes you care most about monetary rewards

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What is the "K Tribe" community?

Earn points - Get rewards

As a member of a K Tribe, we believe that time spent browsing the internet is time that should be rewarded. Being a K Tribe community member allows you to earn rewards by simply sharing your data through our extension. Don't miss out on  opportunities to get extraordinary rewards for doing the ordinary.

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Our community's lasting impact

As the K Tribe depends on data from communities, it is our mission to ensure that these same communities can depend on the K Tribe through support and donations. Join us in giving back to these deserving organizations. 

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